iManga Reader Crash Fix Coming Soon
11 October 2010

First of all, thank you to everyone who sent us emails letting us know about crash errors on iManga Reader. Unfortunately, the principle source that iManga Reader uses to pull content from ( has recently decided to shut down. Because of this, the iManga app suddenly doesn't know where to pull content from, and as a result crashes. Fear not though manga fans, the Studio Bebop development team is hard at work on finishing up the latest release of iManga Reader!

But if OneManga is gone, how are you supposed to read your manga using iManga Reader? Well for the new version of iManga, we've decided to completely overhaul the way the app handles gathering manga for you to read. Instead of gathering data on a series directly from its hosting website in-app, iManga Reader 2.0 instead retrieves all it's data from a specially designed manga relay server system we've developed.

What does this mean for you?

  • Access to all of the manga from four (and counting) different manga hosting websites! (That's roughly 8000 different series)
  • Never experience another app crash because a host changes their page coding. Our manga relay system constantly checks for coding changes on a host's website, and can automatically generate new parsing instructions and push them to your app immediately.
  • Faster data retrieval! Spend less time waiting for things to load, and more time reading!
  • If we're missing a series you like, let us know and we can have our system find it, and add it to the database.

We expect to finish development on iManga Reader 2.0 and have it resubmitted to the App Store by about mid-September. Unfortunately all iManga users are going to have to sit tight until we then. We apologize for the inconvenience, and ask you to remain patient.