New App Announcement - Duel Master - Yu-Gi-Oh Edition
27 September 2012
Duel Master is a pocket reference database for the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game. With it, you can look up the details of any Yu-Gi-Oh card, as well as card descriptions, tournament statuses and rulings, current prices, and much much more!

★★ App Features ★★
  • Trade Analyzer: Compare the cards offered between two parties, and get an overview of each offer’s total cash value.
  • Accurate Card Prices: All card price calculations are based on current eBay listings, guaranteeing the most accurate real-world value for every card.
  • Quickly check a card’s price using the “Quick Look Up” feature from the app’s main menu.
  • Create custom searches to find the perfect card! Search for cards by name, type, description, set, attack, defense, and rarity!
  • Tournament statuses and rulings for any card! Know which cards are banned, and which ones aren’t, as well as all of the rules concerning them!
  • Duel Master also has a built-in life points calculator, as well as coin flip and dice roll support.
  • Favorites and Recently Viewed Lists
  • Use the app even while not online!*
* Downloading card images, prices, and tournament status information requires an active internet connection.