Hey Guys, Remember Us?
21 March 2011

Does anyone remember way back in October when we told told you all we were working on the new version of the iManga Reader, and that you could expect a mid-November release? Well we were only half lying we promise, because the new version of the iManga Reader is being reviewed by Apple right now! Yup folks, you read that right. The iManga Reader is currently being scrutinized by Apple's crack squad of app approvers, and will (hopefully) be released very soon!

From all of us here at Studio Bebop, we'd like to apologize for the ridiculous amount of time it has taken for this to finally happen, and we'll skip giving you all the boring list of reasons why this all took as long as it did. Thank you all so much for your emails of encouragement, and even those grumpy ones, they helped us stay motivated to get this finished and released to you all.

So what's new in version 2.0 of the iManga Reader?

  • Native iPad and Retina Display support!
  • A totally revamped user interface.
  • All pages in a chapter are downloaded while you are reading, now you won't have to wait every time you want to go to a different page!
  • A lot of new manga titles for you to read, the total right now is somewhere around 5,039 different manga titles to choose from.
  • As mentioned in our news post back in October, we will now be using a specially designed Manga Information Relay System to serve out manga data to the iManga Reader apps.
  • You can now browse through manga in several different ways.
    • By target audience (Shounen, Shoujo, Seinen, or Josei)
    • By genre (Action, Adventure, Ecchi, Slice of Life, etc)
    • By recently updated
    • By on-going or completed series
  • You can now read in both portrait and landscape orientations!
  • We've implemented all sorts of neat gesture controls to make reading manga using the iManga Reader a far more enjoyable experience. They are,
    • Double tap zooming
    • Swipe gestures for moving between pages
    • Tap a manga page once with two fingers to hide the page navigation toolbar


iPhone and iPod Touch:




Oh also, we will also be releaseing a free version of the iManga Reader (riddled with ads) as well.