New App Announcement - Duel Master - Cardfight!! Vanguard Edition
17 September 2013
Duel Master is a pocket reference database for the Cardfight!! Vanguard Trading Card Game. With it, you can look up the details of any Cardfight!! Vanguard card, as well as card descriptions, tournament statuses and rulings, current prices, and much much more!

★★ App Features ★★
  • Trade Analyzer: Compare the cards offered between two parties, and get an overview of each offer’s total cash value.
  • Accurate Card Prices: All card price calculations are based on data from, guaranteeing the most accurate real-world value for every card.
  • Quickly check a card’s price using the “Quick Look Up” feature from the app’s main menu.
  • Create custom searches to find the perfect card! Search for cards by name, type, description, set, attack, defense, and rarity!
  • Tournament statuses and rulings for any card! Know which cards are banned, and which ones aren’t, as well as all of the rules concerning them!
  • Duel Master also has a built-in life points calculator, as well as coin flip and dice roll support.
  • Favorites and Recently Viewed Lists
  • Use the app even while not online!*
* Downloading card images, prices, and tournament status information requires an active internet connection.