Answers to Questions
27 May 2011

We've been getting a lot of emails lately from our customers asking/complaining about the iManga Reader. So to alleviate some frustrations on both sides, we've decided to put together a small FAQ for the iManga Reader.

I've already bought the full version of the iManga Reader before! Why haven't I received an update alert? Am I going to have to purchase the full version again?

With our new update for the iManga Reader, we decided to put out another app along with the update to the paid version. Namely, the iManga Reader Lite. While the lite version of the application is currently available in the App Store, we cannot yet release the updates to the paid version. The reason for this is because we are still waiting for VIZ Media LLC to email Apple, and let them know that we are now in full compliance with their request to not allow users to read their manga titles using our app. Until that happens, Apple will not allow us to release the update for the paid version of the iManga Reader.

Users who have purchased the full version of the iManga Reader in the past, will be able to update their application for free, but not until we resolve our issues with VIZ. We are hoping that this won't take more than a couple months at max.

Every manga I try to read says that I can't read it because of licensing issues! What the heck, did you rip me off?

Nope, we sure didn't. Unfortunately, we can't allow our users to access manga titles that have been licensed for sale within the United States, because that would be stealing. VIZ Media LLC in particular has been very adamant in their demands that week keep our users from reading their manga titles with our application. So in the spirit of good will, we've complied with their requests. However, there are still tons of titles available to be read using the iManga Reader!

Titles that are available. - 5,822 titles, 98% of our database
Titles that are not available. - 166 titles, 2% of our database